We're teaming up with our friends over at the Chicago Cuttin Crew for the Cuttin Crew Classic to be the official pre-event on August 22-24 for the 2014 NACCC. More info coming soon.


All Damn Weekend

Minnesota is home to over 10,000 lakes, and you are never more than a 10 minute ride from one. It would be a disservice to all if we narrowed Beach Day down to one lake on one day. That's why we are having a group ride to a different beach everyday. If you want to get away from the action or just chill our after your race heat, we'll have a place for you. Our Beach Marshall, Tim "Sticks" Roach, will showcase beaches in various parts of the city and show you were to pick up food and beer along the way. He'll probably get naked too.

photo by France Barbeau
photo by France Barbeau

Thursday, August 28th

If riding on the track is your thing, we've got a 250 meter world class Velodrome, made of African afzelia wood and banked at 43 degrees, just 20 miles north of Minneapolis. For a $10/head donation to the track, there will be A, B, and possibly C category racing just for NACCC racers. If you haven't ridden on a track beforehand, there will be free track instruction available for anyone who can figure out a way to show up early.

We'll arrange a free bus leaving at 11:30 am from South Minneapolis up to the Velodrome, if you can get there on time. If you got your own ride to the track, be there at noon. Racing will start at 1 pm. More details TBD.

photo by Jeff Frane
photo by Jeff Frane

1 pm - If you aren't racing the Track, we'll have a Beach Day, location TBD.

6pm - Dinner / Hangout / Registration / SK in the Dunk Tank (take your best shots)

9pm - Poker Cruise - roll with your freinds, get a drink, take a card

Friday, August 29th

photo by Ben Hovland

12pm - BBQ / Registration location TBD

2pm - Industry Forum - get together, share ideas and technology, further our business! (location TBD)

3pm - 6pm Beach Day Pt 2!

8pm - Welcome Party / Out of Towner Alleycat


Saturday, August 30th

Qualifying day. Get at least a few hours of sleep and get to the northeast early. Check back later for details about when to show up.

If you don't do well today you'll get to relax on Sunday and make fun of everyone racing. The race will be on closed streets and will send you round and round picking and dropping packages. Afterwards we'll give you time to go home and get pretty before another alley cat and party 'til the wee hours.

Top qualifiers will be announced at the after party.

10am - 5pm  -Qualifiers / Civilian race NE MPLS race course
(breakfast at the course for all registered participants & grillin' during the day)

5pm - (or immediately following final qualification heat) first Open Forum at start / finish

8pm til it's over - legendary alley party, long a Mineapolis tradition.  Braaaap.


Sunday, August 31st

The real deal. If you made it into the main field. Today is the day.

Same race course but maybe we will switch up the checkpoints or the directions or we'll throw tacks all over the course. We haven't decided when it's going to start yet, but it'll be before noon, so if you want to do well at the main race, keep it in your pants on Saturday night. Show up early, we will not wait for you. Race fast, don't fuck up, don't be rude.

After it's all done we'll give you time to go eat, sleep, shower and get ready for the awards ceremony.

10am - NACCC Final - NE Racecourse
(breakfast & grillin' at the course for participants)

2nd - Open Forum immediately folllowing FINAL.

Group Photo, Skids, Sprints, Trackstand after Open Forum, NE Racecourse

9pm - Awards / Closing Party TBA 

Monday, September 1st

It's Monday. There's no more racing and your day is wide open. You're done making excuses why you didn't win. What now?

Tooooooobin'. It's simple, stupid. We float on tubes in a river that smells faintly of urine. We drink the beer and yell a lot. This is how we unwind.

Bring $10 in cash to rent a tube at the river. Meet the bus at a TBD time and location. Don't be late, because we're not waiting for you.